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Geriatric Care Management (GCM) is a service that supports older or disabled adults and the people who care about them. GCM services are provided by specially trained healthcare professionals who work in partnership with families, caregivers and medical/legal professionals. The goal of Care Management is to ensure that each older adult is living fully, and that those responsible for their care have the information, referrals, guidance and support they need.

Is Geriatric Care Management an option for you? Learn about these key features as you make your decision.

When Is Care Management Needed? →
Care Management is needed when you feel you can no longer manage care of an older or disables adult alone. Changes in health status, family situation, or care needs are common precipitants for seeking Care Management.
How Can Care Management Help? →
Beginning with a comprehensive assessment, a Care Manager develops a Care Plan, finds the resources to implement the Plan and monitors care over time.
Who Uses Care Management? →
Anyone who has responsibility for an older or disabled adult may use Care Management. Most often, Care Management services are used by families, friends, caregivers, healthcare professionals, attorneys and wealth/trust managers.

If you think Geriatric Care Management could help you, contact ElderCare Solutions (ECS) at 630.416.2140. One of our Nurse Care Managers will help you decide if you and your elder could benefit from our Care Management services.