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Who uses Care Management? Anyone who has responsibility for an older or disabled adult and who finds that the loved one requires more time, skill and resources than they can offer.

In general, Care Management services are used by four groups of people.

Families & Friends
Adult children are often responsible for the care of aging parents, but siblings, cousins, neighbors and friends – all may find themselves caring for an elder adult.
Healthcare Professionals
Physicians, nurses and social workers – in office practices and in hospitals – are often the first point of contact for an individual requiring specialized services.
In their role as counselor and advisor, attorneys who have legal responsibility for an older adult often need specialized assistance in advocating for the care of their aging clients and in managing their health care services and living arrangements.
Financial Advisor / Wealth Managers
Older adults and families often rely on financial advisors to help plan for life's events. While they may recognize the growing need for the services of a Care Manager, financial advisors also understand the benefits of working with an experienced elder care advocate to effectively plan for and manage the care of aging clients or older parents of clients.

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