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ECS provides expertise and advocacy in care management for older and disabled adults.

An independent Care Manager offers impartiality and expertise to help individuals and families make informed short- and long-term plans for care. They evaluate the needs of the individual – whether physical, emotional or cognitive – and are skilled at addressing complicated family dynamics. Care Managers contribute to an understanding of the needs of the individual that deserve consideration in financial planning but are outside of the scope of the estate planners and other financial advisors.

What does a Care Manager offer?
  • Makes home visits to establish rapport and assess the elder’s situation.
  • Prepares a Care Plan with specific recommendations and referrals to help the professionals and family understand and better navigate the situation.
  • Participates in every aspect of Continuing Care including nursing home visits, in-home visits, collaboration with physicians, family members and anyone else involved in the elder’s care.
  • Advocates for the client by interacting with health care and other professionals regarding decisions about treatment, care, services and housing.
  • Addresses and resolves resistance to needed care or services.

At ECS, our experienced Care Managers are especially effective when an older adult is resisting assistance or intervention or when family members are in conflict over difficult care issues. We will provide specific recommendations for care and help family members consider the result of intervention and how it will affect the individual's functioning.

ECSPresident Signe Gleeson has presented on many senior care topics (including how it relates to financial planning), such as “Identifying Options and Making Decisions for Care,” “Life Care Estate and Retirement Planning: Beyond the Documents” and “Eldercare Advocacy: The Attorney’s Role.” See “Speaking Engagements,” for a list of topics and events.

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