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Caring for an older adult can be complicated and difficult. For some families, the feelings of responsibility, confusion and frustration can be overwhelming.

At ElderCare Solutions (ECS), we have guided many older adults and their families/guardians toward a more comfortable, dignified life. Here is helpful information on taking the first step toward learning if ECS is the right agency partner for you.

Getting Started →
Contact ECS to discuss your situation with one of our experienced geriatric nurses. There is no charge for an initial phone conversation.
Selecting the Right Care Manager →
Be sure that the partner you select to care for your loved one is qualified and shares the values that are important to you. Find out if ECS is the best care consultant for your and your family. Here's a list of considerations to help you in the selection process.

Not certain about what is the best path for you and your loved one? Call ECS at 630.416.2140. One of our nurses can help you decide the types of services you that will work best for you and your loved one.