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We are honored that so many families and professionals trust us with the care of their older adult. And we are grateful for the many kind words they share about ElderCare Solutions (ECS) services. Here are a few:

FROM Sharon Legwinski

Dear ElderCare Solutions,

Thank you to all of you for helping my Aunt and myself care for Renee long distance. Because of your kindness and professionalism we both knew she was well cared for.

Sharon Legwinski, cousin of client Renee D.

FROM Connie Sigman

Last year, my husband John and I were in a terrible situation. Our cousin John was living alone, not eating properly, not taking his medications, refusing outside help and driving on an expired driver’s license. On Mother’s Day, 2015, we took John to the ER. They wanted to keep him but he refused to stay. We took him home and worried all night. The next day, when we couldn’t reach him, we called his doctor, who called the Police and ordered a “Well Check”. The Police found John disoriented and quite ill. He was admitted to the hospital and then released after two days. We were back to Square One. As you can imagine, my husband and I were at our wit’s end.

I then called John’s Trust Officer. She referred me to your agency. At that point, Penny Golden entered our lives. She immediately took the load off of our shoulders. She took charge in a gentle way and won John over bit by bit. “Baby steps”, that was what Penny told us. She started getting a caregiver in the home two afternoons a week. She got his car away from him without confrontation and got it sold. As his health deteriorated, Penny eventually had caregivers in the home 24/7. When that was no longer an option, John agreed to long-term care at Plymouth Place in La Grange He loves it there and is so happy. And we are very happy too.

Penny Golden saved his life. I truly believe that. And as John says, “I do believe she is worth at least a quarter now!” Well, our family feels she is worth much more than that. Thank you Signe, for your company and especially Penny Golden for all you have done.

Connie Sigman, cousin of client


Thank you Eldercare Solutions for helping us navigate the maze of options in caring for our mother. My siblings and I were thrown into a world in which we had no experience after her stroke. Your Care Managers were sensitive and caring as they helped us evaluate what was right for our mother and for our family from every standpoint. Through their many years of experience, ElderCare Solutions have developed a vast network of referrals for medical, rehab, nursing, legal, financial, home care and long term care facilities. We offer our deepest gratitude for helping us in this stressful time.

Susan Wegleitner

From Kimberly Roberts

I am so GRATEFUL for Amy Zucker's help! Amy had the perfect continence, patience, and resources to help my mother recover from her illness. Amy's continued work with the doctors that treated my mother's illness were exactly what was needed. With me living in another state, being able to have Amy there to care for my mother, take her to the doctor, the store, or wherever she needed was a true Godsend! I will definitely recommend your services to my friends and family that may need your services.

Kimberly Roberts


The family and I would like to thank Elder Care Solutions for the care they provided for our aunt in the last year of her life. They not only cared for all her needs, but were caring about her as a person. I was always confident that she was receiving the best care. Penny Golden not only was there when needed but became a friend that was trusted and part of the family. Knowing that she was there and being a thousand miles away I was relieved to know that our aunt was in the very best hands that anyone could provide. I would highly recommend Elder Care Solutions in providing care for a loved one.

Thank you again for all your help at a very difficult time for us all.

Al Slazas

From Keith Brown

Diane, I want to express my sincere appreciation for not only the “work” you do but also the “care” you provide. The services your organization provides are absolutely wonderful. My Aunt and Uncle do not have any children and as their Great Nephew, I am one of the closest in distance and family tree to provide them with help. When Aunt Doris became ill last year she was quickly deteriorating in a transition therapy facility. She was just not receiving the one on one care she needed. You quickly assessed her condition, recommended and facilitated her move to a more appropriate care facility and ultimately helped transition her return home. The move home was not going to be an easy one, but again you helped with that; Helping to provide the in home facilities to accommodate her return home and a live in care provider.

Had it not been for your amazing care, Doris would probably not have survived her stay in the therapy facility. Her return home was almost something of a miracle. Her ability to visit with family and enjoy life this past year was only made possible by your efforts.

Diane has been like a part of the family now for the past 12 months. Visiting regularly and the first person called when help is needed. Doris fell recently and needed to be hospitalized. My Uncle called Diane before calling 911.

I recommend ElderCare Solutions to anyone facing the challenges of caring for their aging family members. ElderCare Solutions knows all the right people to contact and how to get things done. When facing the emotional challenge of caring for elderly family it can very difficult to step back and make rational, informed decisions. ElderCare not only helps with challenges, but knows they are coming and helps to avoid them or overcome them with less anxiety.

Anyone that would like to speak with me concerning the level of care your organization provides, I would be happy to speak with them and convey my experiences with ElderCare Solutions.

Keith B. Brown

From the Thomas DesLauriers Family

ElderCare Solutions
15 South Wright St.
Naperville, IL 60540

To Whom It May Concern:

The family of Thomas DesLauriers would like to take this opportunity to thank-you for all your efforts on behalf of our father. As you know this has been a very difficult time for all of us and without your help and expertise “very difficult” would have rapidly deteriorated to “impossible to deal with.”

Your ability to see, anticipate and deal with all that was involved in settling our father in his own home and helping provide the 24 hour care that he now needs has been invaluable. Whether it was knowing the right contacts to call, advice to make or even rolling up your sleeves and pitching in, you were always there for us. We are so very grateful to you.

We know that in your type of work, prospective clients will ask for references. Towards that end, you may of course use this letter. If any of those clients would wish to speak to us concerning our experience with you, feel free to contact one of us with their name and phone number and we would be happy to comply.

Once again, thank-you so much for you assistance and we remain very sincerely yours,

Jane Hartop, Tom DesLauriers, George DesLauriers


Dear Signe,

The family of Rosemary Hayes would like to express our deepest appreciation to the team at ElderCare Solutions for all your work on her behalf since August of 2012. We were so impressed by the professionalism of the team.

Wherever would we have been without the marvelous Penny Golden. Penny made all the difference in the quality of "Rose's" life over these last few years. Penny is kind, caring, and knowledgeable and takes initiative. The patient is highest priority. Penny worked well with everyone, and we had some challenges (!). She helped the case immensely when she suggested working with Dr. Kay on medications and referred excellent caregivers. She took endless calls from Rose's children, as well as the caregiver, and managed to keep communications on track, including coordinating the hospice agency's work.

Although our mother had difficulty communicating, she had a special bond with Penny. She was always happy to see her and responded to Penny's suggestions and instructions with alacrity. Penny had the special touch. Another secret weapon was Flannery (Penny’s young daughter).

We can't thank ElderCare Solutions and Penny enough for her love and support.


ElderCare Solutions provided an RN for excellent, effective oversight of my sister's care in a nursing home. The RN's frequent visits were a joy for her and provided an opportunity for observation of her overall health and outlook. The reports and advice I received from the RN were invaluable to me, her guardian.

Laurel McKee

If you'd like to learn more about ECS and how we can help you, your loved one or your client, call us at 630.416.2140. One of our nurses will be glad to discuss your situation.