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Geriatric Care Managers provide many vital services, all designed to help older and disabled adults and their families with the many health and life decisions they face each day. The range of services offered is wide, but can be generally described in three categories.

To ensure the best possible outcome, care managers usually begin with an assessment of the older adult's medical, emotional, housing, family and social situation. The assessment may involve contact with family members, current caregivers, staff of medical facilities, healthcare professionals and other professionals.
Care Plan
Drawing on information from the assessment, care managers work with the older adult and family to create a plan for care. The plan may involve arranging in-home care, relocation, change in medical care and addition of care resources.
Ongoing Management
Care Managers may be involved in the initial implementation of the Care Plan, including locating resources and altering the Plan as needed. Often Care Managers have a continuing role as monitor, liaison and support for the older adult and family.

Each person and situation is unique, and requires a unique combination of Geriatric Care Management services. To learn more about how our specific Care Management services may help you and the older adult in your life, call ElderCare Solutions (ECS) at 630.416.2140 speak to one of our Nurse Care Managers.